Digitization of the UCMP Amber Archives

Thanks to our Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) funding we have completed the digitization of the UCMP Amber Archives. We scanned the contents of 85 folders, which included a mix of over 1300 archival photographs, manuscripts, correspondence, reports, maps, type specimen publications, and post cards. PDFs of these documents are now catalogued and uploaded into the UC Berkeley Docubase system.  The documents are not only searchable using the Docubase system but also via the UCMP Amber Files Archon finding aid that is now linked to the Docubase UCMP Amber Archives Collection so researchers, students, and the interested public can request pdfs of the documents. 

Screenshot of the Amber Files Archon finding aid homepage (above) and folder listing (below) with the contents of Folder 1 displayed at the top. Note, the green arrow indicates there are pdfs available for the folder contents.

Clicking on the green arrow will take you to a page displaying a listing of the folder contents, which in this example is Folder 1 (below).

Clicking on the links will take you to a page showing the document is available (below), which in this example is a draft manuscript by Hardy on the Plecia species in Chiapas Mexican amber and that a pdf of the document is available upon request. 

Below is a screenshot of the linked Docubase page with the information for requesting a pdf of the draft manuscript by Hardy.